Alexandra Polonia, Alex to her friends and trouble to the bad guys, is a forty-two year old detective in the Cleveland police department. Hardworking and dedicated, her fifteen year career, begins to fall apart when her husband is arrested for running a meth lab and hiring out his services as a executioner. And, by the way, he is also a detective on the same Cleveland force.

Alex is rolled into the investigation and it is assumed she knew what her husband was doing. It took a year to prove her innocence and the state to convict the man that ruined her life. Now that he's in prison, and they are divorced, Alex desperately wants to escape the questions and innuendo of her fellow police officers and the press. Her dream is Venice.

Venice and Carnevale, the ancient canals begin to sweep her away, that is until decades of hate and violence drag her back to the reality of her life. Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia, war, genocide, and centuries of religious hate push their way into her hope of a quiet vacation. In the midst of bad guys chasing here, she literally runs into a handsome CIA agent from Waco, Texas. Special Agent Javier Castillo is more than just "helpful."


Venice during Carnevale seems like a dream destination to American police detective Alex Polonia. She is planning to lose herself in the maze of canals and forget about her ex-husband’s conviction for operating a meth lab on Cleveland’s south side.

The legacy of the Bosnian War’s brutal ethnic cleansing has brought journalist Marika Juric to Venice on a single-minded crusade: to gather enough evidence to keep one of the war’s masterminds from becoming Croatia’s next president. And there are those who’ll do anything to stop her.

But these two strangers share more than their unexpected arrivals in the City of Masks. They’re mirror images of each other—down to their hair, their smiles, and the same desperation in their eyes. The resemblance isn’t just uncanny. It’s dangerous.

When the secrets of Alex’s escape rush headlong into Marika’s obsession, the fates of both women become entwined in a vaporous hall of mirrors. Working together is their only way to survive.