Gregory C. Randall 

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Gregory C. Randall, Michigan born and Chicago raised has made the San Francisco Bay Area his home with his wife since the early 1970s. A graduate of Michigan State with a degree in landscape architecture, Mr. Randall has 50 years of community design and urban planning experience. He has his own design firm, Randall Planning & Design, Inc., and has designed hundreds of residential, commercial and retail properties throughout the western United States. 

Mr. Randall is represented by the Kimberley Cameron & Associates, Inc. and is published with Thomas & Mercer Publishing and Windsor Hill Publishing.

However, his early childhood on the south side of Chicago was the inspiration for his first book, a non-fiction work titled America’s Original GI Town, Park Forest, Illinois.This is the account, biography if you will, of the creation of the first town designed for the GI’s returning home after WWII. It was first published by Johns Hopkins University Press in 2000 and updated in a new edition in 2010. it is available as an ebook and paperback through Amazon books.

Mr. Randall has enjoyed writing for almost thirty years but it has become a more serious vocation in the last twenty years. Greg is the author of the six book series, The Sharon O’Mara Chronicles. He is also working on the fourth book in the Detective Tony Alfano noir thriller series set in 1933 Chicago. The first book Chicago Swing won a silver medal in the 2016 Global Ebook Awards. His young adult novel, The Cherry Pickers, has won acclimation and awards from the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) and Northern California Book Publishers Association (BAIPA). 

In the summer of 2018, Thomas & Mercer released the first book in a new series, Venice Black. The main character is a women detective from the city of Cleveland, Ohio. The second book in the series, Saigon Red, was released in 2019. The third book in the series is out in August 2020.

Two World War II thrillers are to be published in December 2020 with Windsor Hill Publishing. These new Jake Adler OSS thrillers are titled Evil in an Ancient City and Pawns in an Ancient Game.

Mr. Randall and his wife have their own independent publishing company, Windsor Hill Publishing. He is a book cover designer and artist and is well versed in the ebook conversion process and the process of building paperback books for the new digital processes. All of his books are available through the usual sources.

The Books of Gregory C. Randall

The Alex Polonia Thrillers
Who is Alex Polonia


Venice during Carnevale, is the dream destination for American police detective Alex Polonia. She plans to lose herself in the maze of canals and forget her ex-husband’s conviction for operating a meth lab on Cleveland’s south side. In prison, he can’t hurt her anymore.

The legacy of the Bosnian War’s brutal ethnic cleansing has brought journalist Marika Juric to Venice on a single-minded crusade: to present evidence to the world to prevent one of the Bosnian War’s masterminds becoming Croatia’s next president. However, both women have enemies and they follow them to Venice.

These two strangers share more than the City of Masks. They’re mirror images of each other—down to their hair, their smiles, and the same desperation in their eyes. The resemblance isn’t just uncanny. It’s dangerous.

When the secrets of Alex’s escape rush headlong into Marika’s obsession, the fates of both women become entwined. Working together is their only way to survive.


The Sharon O’Mara Chronicles

Who Is Sharon O’Mara

Red haired, athletic, bold and brash, Sharon is the woman girls aspire to be and every man’s fantasy. A Veteran of two tours as an MP in Iraq, Sharon knows how to handle herself. Honor and loyalty are the sharp edges of her nature, yet there is a passion about her that warms even the coldest heart. Independent to a fault yet steadfast with her friends, her business card says facilitator, and she only takes on those jobs that can and will make a difference. She is a tough rebel with a caring soul. 


Land Swap For Death

One look at the bloody wet body of Richard Franklin laying in the empty BART parking lot was enough—homicide is never acceptable in the tony eastern suburbs of San Francisco. Sharon O’Mara knows there is more to life than settling insurance claims so she joins forces with the local cops in the pursuit of the killer. Was it the land deal, his wealth, or his alcoholic wife that led to Franklin’s murder? Or was it a deranged killer who hides beneath a cloak of respectability and privilege. O’Mara struggles with the insane thought that he was killed to cover up a bigger crime, a crime of lurid vengeance…

Containers For Death

“Guns and handbags, all you need to start a war!”

What’s in those millions of steel containers crossing the oceans and on our roads and railways? Could it be young Chinese girls kidnapped and locked away for the sex trade in America? On a blistering beach in Mexico, Sharon O’Mara discovers that it’s also luxury fashion knockoffs and dead bodies. What is the connection between stylish handbags, Chinese Tongs, the Mexican Cartels and these young women? O’Mara is irresistibly drawn into finding out the source of this depravity locked in the boxes stacked on the wharfs of Oakland and hidden in the back alleys of San Francisco. Can she rescue these women from a fate worse than death? Can she help to stop the madness?


Toulouse For Death

Sharon O’Mara is asked to help a friend’s dying godfather return four magnificent Impressionist paintings to their rightful owners. Seems simple but Sharon learns they were stolen during the final days of World War II from a plundered Nazi treasure trove. She is confronted with horrific events that throw her back into Hitler’s obscene war against the Jews. O’Mara runs up against the New Reich in a race to find a secret key hidden in Paris that will enable these international criminals to restore the Nazi’s to their former vile glory.


12th Man For Death

Sharon O’Mara is hired for a simple job; find out who killed the great America’s Cup skipper and technical genius, Catherine Voss. Was it out of envy and greed? Or was it an international scheme to steal her high-tech boat? As the ultra-rich battle for the America’s Cup on San Francisco Bay and the canals of Venice, Sharon fights to find the truth. Who would kill for the secrets hidden in the technological heart of Voss’s lightning fast hydrofoil? Will Sharon discover who is behind the murder before they kill her? Can she outwit the ruthless bad guys and stop World War III?


Diamonds For Death

Sharon O’Mara’s newest client doesn’t need her help for what he’s done, but rather for what he left behind. When baseball great, Toro Rodriquez, defected he had to leave his wife and child in Cuba. Now a ruthless government agent whose allegiance isn’t to Castro, but only to herself, holds them prisoner.

Since O’Mara’s friend, Kevin Bryan, is off on a security gig in London to prevent the theft of diamonds worth a quarter of billion euros, she turns to old friends and comrade-in-arms to help rescue Toro’s family. Her team’s failure may mean vanishing into a Cuban prison or . . . worse.

O’Mara and Bryan have no idea their client’s paths will not only merge but crash bloodily into each other on the night of baseball’s All-Star Game in San Francisco.


The Detective Tony Alfano Thrillers

In Depression racked Chicago, three people crash into each other, each hoping for vengeance and redemption. For Chicago detective Tony Alfano – it’s brutally and explosively different. Is the killer from the mob, the unions, or worse - city hall? Alfano treads the edge of sanity to find out. 
2016 Global Ebook award winner

Detective Tony Alfano hunts a serial killer with connections to Mussolini’s fascist regime. Can Alfano stop the slayings before the greatest international event in Chicago’s history – the arrival of the Italian seaplane armada – or will the Century of Progress World’s Fair be forced to shut down due to fear, terror, and Chicago politics? As always, it all falls on Alfano’s shoulders.



Gregory C. Randall weaves a tale of secrets in northern Michigan during the hot and stormy summer of 1956. With the constant fear of nuclear war, an exploding Middle East, and memories of World War II still fresh with flowers on soldier’s graves; a young man realizes that he is growing up. In Howie Smith’s world of primal forests, orderly orchards, and Lake Michigan; he learns about life and begins to understand death. A crazy aunt, a dying uncle, and the unyielding pressure to bring in the demanding crop of cherries, forces Howie to realize there is more to life than baseball.

Randall unveils, during this brief summer, a family’s fears and triumphs. He explores a region of America left apart from the chaos of the world. It is a place of unwanted migrant pickers, backwoods people who must live off the land, a man’s love for another man, and the grand lake that encloses them all. It is also here that Howie discovers it is a realm of miracles.

America’ Original GI Town, Park Forest, Illinois


At the close of World War II, Americans became increasingly concerned about the problem of housing for returning veterans, relocated defense workers, and their families. Community designs such as the garden city that dated from before the turn of the twentieth century were prominent once gain, as planner saw a renewed need for ready-made communities. One such community – among the first and, perhaps, most representative – was Park Forest, Illinois, a privately built and publically managed town twenty-six miles south of Chicago.

In this book, Gregory C. Randall presents the history of the planning, design, construction, and growth of Park Forest. He shows how planners – who dubbed the new community a “GI Town” – drew on lessons learned from English garden cities and New Deal greenbelt towns to cope with America’s emerging peacetime housing crisis. He also shows how this new town changed community planning throughout the United States, including its effects on community development up to the present day. 

Short Reviews

The Chronicles of Sharon O'Mara is a "must-read" for anyone who enjoys high-octane mystery-thrillers, highly recommended!
Midwest Book Review

The Chronicles of Sharon O'Mara is an exciting, action-packed series of danger and intrigue featuring the tough yet sexy Sharon O'Mara, a thirtysomething (hey, who's counting?) ex-Army cop who can't overlook the injustice of a cold-blooded murder.
Midwest Book Review

This is kind of an author, someone who does their research, who understands the nature of mysteries, who can develop a good series of characters, a well thought out protagonist, appealing antagonists and a book that keeps you seriously interested... is a rare find.

As with all the Sharon O’Mara Chronicles, this novel is fast-paced, meticulously researched and fascinating. Randall’s attention to details ensures that every scene is realistic and factually accurate.
Readers Favorite


Land Swap For Death

“Hard book to put down with an ending that doesn't disappoint.”
“Details abound in Randall's books that put you right in the line of fire (pun intended).”

“Characters are different, the plot is unique and the story telling clever and engaging.”


Toulouse For Death

This is a fast-paced, contemporary thriller with an authentic, well-researched plot that is full of twists and turns, yet remains plausible.
Readers Favorite

The author is a great storyteller and has a gift with language.
Readers Favorite

Mr. Randall gives us a highly suspenseful, thrilling read that will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the book.
 Sandy Walters


12thMan For Death 

This book has it all: a touch of romance, and thrills and chills that will keep the reader quickly turning the pages to see what will happen next. 12th Man For Death is a great read.
Readers Favorite

The plot is imaginative and plausible and doesn't let up for a second. This is altogether an accomplished and absorbing novel.
Readers Favorite

From San Francisco to Venice, the vivid descriptions, moving dialogue, accomplished female heroines and colorful villains add to the twists that make this book a real page turner.
Barbara Mitchell

The range of witty characters that move through these books certainly enhances the real life feel to these adventures.
Morton Newman

A nice blend of fact and fiction, this book kept my interest from beginning to end. Current topic, great action, not predictable. As with all the Sharon O’Mara Chronicles, this novel is fast-paced, meticulously researched and fascinating. Randall’s attention to details ensures that every scene is realistic and factually accurate.
Readers Favorite

She is a complex human being, with flaws and idiosyncrasies like the rest of us; she’s someone we’d like to know.
Readers Favorite

The Cherry Pickers

Growing up seems to happen much too suddenly. "The Cherry Pickers" is the debut novel from Gregory C. Randall, as he writes of a young man facing reality in northern Michigan in 1956. Seeing the world for what it is, he learns the world isn't perfect and learns much to find the truth that lies behind it all and how to best understand it. Poignant, "The Cherry Pickers" is a fine coming of age novel, not to be overlooked.
            Midwest Book Review