Take the beauty of Sophia Loren and the style of Gina Lollobrigida, mix in a tangle of hair the colors of salt and pepper, add the humor of a bartender, and business sense of an accountant and you have Gina Cavelli. She is the third family member to own Geno's, a bar in the the town of Lafayette, California. There she watches over the politics, businesses, and the men and women who see her as a friend and confident. Stay away from her dark side though, she is as tough as the sharp nails on her fingers. 

​She has been Sharon's and Kevin's friend for years and has been willingly dragged into some of their adventures.

Tall, handsome, the man of the Irish Island, Kevin Bryan is the steadfast friend of Sharon O'Mara. He came out the Oakland Police Department and then became a detective with the Lafayette, California police department. Single (after a bad divorce), Kevin lives in a cottage in one of the older neighborhoods in the tony East Bay community. He's known Sharon for years since she returned from Iraq, close as a brother and sister, she somehow manages to involve Kevin in her "adventures." In time, it may cost him his job.

He's at the moment, caught between what he calls, "opportunities."







Red haired, athletic, bold and brash, Sharon O'Mara is the woman girls aspire to be and every man’s fantasy. A veteran of two tours as an Army MP in Iraq, Sharon knows how to handle herself. Honor and loyalty are the sharp edges of her nature, yet there is a passion about her that warms even the coldest heart.  Independent to a fault, yet steadfast with her friends, she only takes on those jobs that can and will make a difference. She is a tough rebel with a caring soul.

She sees herself as a female Travis McGee, the rough and tough hero of the John D. MacDonald books. McGee was in salvage, helping his friends recover things that had been stolen. Sharon's business card reads Facilitator, those in need hire her to do things they can't. Find the murderer of a sister, return stolen art to a family who lost it during World War II, even go to Cuba to rescue the family of a famous baseball player.

Her home is in the suburb community of Walnut Creek in the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area. But her adventures take her to venues in Europe, Mexico, and Cuba. ​Her closest companion and live-in boyfriend is Basil. A German Shepherd and Rottwieler mix (the product of a moment of illicit passion), who would lay down his life for her.

Now the hero in five books, she will steal your heart. Her next adventure is out in the fall of 2018, it's called Limerick For Death.