Detective Anthony Alfano’s beat is Chicago, from the speakeasies of the near North Side to the jazz clubs strung out along South State Street. It’s 1933 Chicago, the Century of Progress World’s Fair has just opened and millions of people have descended on Chicago. Some are tourists trying to escape, for a day, the Depression, others fight for five bucks a day to feed their bellies, and others are parasites—the worst of the worst. They all come to Chicago to live their dreams.

After twenty years on the police force, Tony and his desk Sergeant McDunnah, have taken down the Italian, Jewish, and Irish mobs, fought the devastating effects of Prohibition, and gone toe to toe with Chicago’s political graft and corruption at the highest levels. He can deal with the criminals—it’s the politicians that piss him off the most.

Who is Tony Alfano?

For Chicago police detective Tony Alfano, it was not like most mornings: five bombings throughout the Loop, two hundred pounds of missing dynamite, and one dead Serbian in an alley off Washington Street. Is it the Outfit, the Mob, Bolsheviks, or the unions? In the dark speakeasies and nightclubs of Chicago’s underworld, Alfano treads the sharp edge of sanity and delusion, praying that it’s just mob vengeance and not typical Chicago politics.

In Depression racked Chicago, three people crash into each other, each hoping for vengeance, redemption, and salvation. Alfano thought he’d seen it all in his twenty years on the force, but this is brutally and explosively different. Can he stop the killer or will the killer get to him first?

. . . and to add pressure, the city’s corrupt mayor demands that Alfano catch the killer before the gates to the Century of Progress World’s Fair and Chicago are opened to America and the world.

In Chicago, during the hot summer of 1933, Detective Tony Alfano is stunned by the violent death of a young Italian woman. Her body, discovered in the pit of a construction site, bears the marks of obscene torture and cruelty. As the weeks pass and the Chicago World’s Fair excitedly waits for the celebrated arrival of Mussolini’s aerial armada of twenty-four seaplanes, more murdered and brutalized bodies are discovered. Are the victims connected to this spectacular event or is this the work of a deranged psychopath? Alfano and his sergeant have only days to find the answer - and the killer - before Mussolini’s fascist air fleet arrives from Italy and lands on the waters of Lake Michigan. Will Alfano find and stop the murderer before they can kill again? Or, will the Century of Progress World’s Fair be forced to close due to fear, international politicians, and Chicago politics? Everything is on Alfano’s shoulders.

Coming this late summer, 2018, Chicago Fix.